Sunday, August 5, 2012

Signing Off

     We live in an age of information. Scientific advancements and technological developments are occurring at an unprecedented rate. Never before has a generation experienced the level of rapid progression that defines our society. The term 'global village' has also never been as literal a translation as it is today. Through the Internet, the world has become a much smaller place. We are connected to everyone. Everyone is connected to us. No longer are people defined by region or ethnicity, but rather are categorized by shared interests. This is not a naive statement claiming that prejudices are a sin of the past, but rather it is an observation of categorical trends still in development. The Internet has also given us information. More information than we know what to do with. The potential of self-improvement and global awareness is limitless. As is the possibility of descension.

     With all of this knowledge available it's easy to get lost in the volumes of garbage that surrounds it. Don't get overly distracted by the stories of celebrities and entertainment. They're enjoyable in the same way that junk food is enjoyable, in small doses. Overindulgence is a sin everyone is guilty of, but awareness of it is key to moderation. Avoid websites dedicated to ideals which perpetuate a cynical world view. Things aren't perfect but they are markedly better than they are reported as being. Devote yourself to learning about the world. Understand what people are going through in times of struggle and strife. Identify with the suffering and unite with the repressed. Dedicate yourself to an ideal and transcend the individual.

     I believe that anything worth doing is work. But the moment that something transitions from work to a chore is the moment it's no longer worthy of your time. Under the Fold has become a chore. The amount of time devoted to this platform is not beneficial to my self-improvement and not the best use of my time. I'll no longer be updating the site but will keep it active in order to keep the information I have provided available. After spending so much time writing and editing Under the Fold I felt a final message was appropriate. I didn't want the last entry to simply portray a regular update and leave things without closure. Currently, I'm in the process of researching new ideas for a revamped blog and will post the link to it once it's finalized.

     'Wisdom is found only in truth.' - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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